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Dr. Allen Tyler’s name has long been recognized by many health-care professionals, doctors and students in the field of alternative medicine as a leading voice of knowledge and of clinical experience that spans over 50 years. In that time he has been published and has been renowned as a mentor, educator and a maverick in both Canada and the United States.

Dr. Tyler’s illustrious career in medicine began in 1949, graduating with the first class of the Canadian Chiropractic College. He then supplemented and balanced his education further by achieving the degrees of MD, ND, and PhD.

Underscored but not limited to his many degrees and accomplishments in the fields of Naturopathic Medicine, Chiropractic, Neurology and having served as Medical Director for the State of Washington in its Department of Rehabilitation, Dr. Tyler has not lost sight of his most valued assets – knowledge and compassion.

Dr. Tyler’s accomplishments are in part a result of his enthusiasm for helping patients and his inquisitive demeanor. He is hailed as much for his experience and success in treatments as he is for his tenacious research practices. His philosophy is marked by his quest for analyzing and researching the root of every symptom and then developing new applications for alternative treatments.

It is with this same interest in alternative medical practices that Dr. Tyler has created a company dedicated to providing professional quality nutritional supplements to MD's, Chiropractors and Naturopathic practitioners. Having successfully celebrated his 20th year in distributing quality supplements throughout Canada, Dr. Tyler’s supplement company has recently updated its brand packaging, expanding its various product offerings and adopting a new name that will become synonymous for quality and purity; SELEKTA by A.N. Tyler.

Dr. Tyler’s high standards require that the SELEKTA Brand of supplements maintain a premium level of quality and provide reliable results. The products are fully compliant with all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations of the Canadian government and backed by a Certificate of Analysis.

With the same care and professional standards that Dr. Tyler relied upon as the cornerstone of his career, the SELEKTA product line is created by choosing the most pure sources of raw materials available in the world. Dr. Tyler deems SELEKTA an important accomplishment in his continued research and support of preventative medicine … it’s not about the profit but about the healing.

It is with great pride and care that Dr. Tyler continues his work as an active member of the medical and health community. Since publishing the book 'A Pound of Prevention' in 1991 he has written several articles for Human Spirit Magazine and compiled years of clinical research into Clinical Repertory for the Doctors in 2001.

Continuing to make great contributions in the field of research and preventive care treatments Dr. Tyler was recently awarded Professor Emeritus by the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.

While most would sit back and enjoy the prestige and honors of such a fruitful career, Dr. Tyler enthusiastically gives back to the health community by maintaining a lecture schedule that is always highly anticipated and regarded. It is with contagious humor and a passion for his field that Dr. Tyler remains motivated to share his exceptional insight and renowned experience with fellow practitioners and health care professionals.

Health-care professionals require that supplements they prescribe maintain a high level of quality and provide reliable results. We have made great efforts to create a line of supplements that do just that!

Our flagship SELEKTA line fulfills the high standards that you, our customers, expect.

By carefully choosing the sources of raw materials from only the best available in the world, by being equally careful of the manufacturing processes used and by being vigilant in testing each and every batch of product against the label standards, we are confident that we now offer the finest professional supplements manufactured in Canada.

SELEKTA products are fully compliant with all GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations of the Canadian government. For further assurance of quality, we back up our products with documentation. At your request, we are pleased to provide a Certificate of Analysis of our SELEKTA products and verify the ingredients and independent test results.

Our policy of “total disclosure” means that every ingredient is shown on the product label. You don’t have to guess whether there are “hidden” allergens, lubricants, preservatives or other additives. Both you and your patients will always know what is in a SELEKTA product.

The creation of a new product requires that many factors come together. We have, at times, delayed the introduction of a product in order to isolate the best possible source of ingredients.

You can be confident that when a SELEKTA product becomes available, it is the best it can be.

We are excited at the many new products we are currently considering and welcome your requests and suggestions. We also welcome any questions you may have regarding our products and will do our utmost to provide you with any information you require.


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